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Gender Pay Gap Information

WC Rowe Gender Pay Gap Statement

WC Rowe are required by law to carry out Gender Pay Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.   If you have any queries in relation to this information, you can get in touch here:

Gender pay gap reporting requires organisations to undertake calculations to show the average earnings difference between males and females.  Information is sourced from our internal data management systems and processes; no employee data is shared beyond its usual channels in order to do this.

The legal requirement to undertake Gender Pay Gap analyses allows organisations to review the following:

  • The proportion of males and females in the business as a whole, in various posts, and in more senior roles.
  • Any disparity in pay between males and females in comparable roles.

Proportion of males and females according to quartile pay bands for this reporting year







Upper middle



Lower middle






Rewards related pay

Bonus pay




Average pay data

Difference in Mean hourly percent

Males 13.2 % higher than females

Difference in Median hourly percent

Males 6.7% higher than females

Difference in Mean bonus percent

Males 51.9 % higher than females

Difference in Median bonus percent

Males 72.3% lower than females

How do WC Rowe help to minimise the gap?

Training and promotions are offered fairly to all employees regardless of their gender (and other protected characteristics such as age or disability).

We have a fair and transparent pay structure, ensuring that those with the same responsibilities (or job title), are on the same pay.  There is a clear pay pathway for progression also.

More senior roles attracting higher pay: The majority of our team leaders in production are male, however this is balanced out by a typically higher percentage of females in our retail management roles (who are also more likely to receive bonuses in relation to sales targets); this is reflected in labour market statistics also.  Under our equality policies and fair recruitment protocols, the best person for the role will be offered the job regardless of gender (and other protected characteristics).