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Welcome to Rowe’s Cornish Bakers

Celebrating Our 75th Birthday!

Remember the warmth of sunshine on your face, the smell of the salty breeze on the Cornish coast mingling with freshly baked pasties? That feeling, that taste, has been synonymous with Rowe’s Cornish Bakers for 75 years!

Since 1949, when we opened our first doors on the high street of Falmouth, we’ve had one ambition: to offer exceptional quality at a great price. This simple philosophy is the secret sauce that made Rowe’s a household name in Cornwall. And today, with over 60 bakeries across the southwest of England & Wales, it’s still the beating heart of everything we do.

But even the sweetest memories can feel bittersweet when budgets tighten. That’s why, as we celebrate our 75th birthday, we’re not just blowing out the candles – we’re sharing the sweetness with you! We’re lowering our prices on a selection of our most popular items, ensuring that everyone can still enjoy the simple pleasure of a freshly baked Cornish treat at Rowe’s.

Remember the golden crust of our signature Cornish Pasties, filled with locally sourced potatoes delivered to our door by local farmers on tractors every morning? Or the fluffy perfection of our traditional scones, made with dairy fresh from Cornish farms? These cherished recipes, alongside our ever-evolving selection of modern delights, are all part of the Rowe’s experience.

Our talented team of chefs use their expertise to celebrate heritage while embracing new trends. They source the finest ingredients, ensuring both quality and sustainability. From Red Tractor British meats to seasonal Cornish veg, every bite tells a story of passion and dedication.

This 75th birthday isn’t just about us; it’s about celebrating our community. We’ve been a part of your lives for generations, and we want to ensure that continues. By lowering our prices, we’re saying thank you for your support and making sure that the joy of freshly baked goodness remains accessible to all.

So come visit us! Indulge in delicious savings while savouring the taste of tradition. Whether you’re a long-time customer or just discovering our delights, we welcome you with open arms and warm ovens. Let’s raise a slice (or two!) to 75 years of sweet memories and many more to come!

Pasties By Post

Welcome to our online shop your gateway to some of the best and authentic Cornish Pasties in the World! FREE DELIVERY!

For more than 70 years, Rowe’s have been one of Cornwall’s best-loved bakers. Every day since 1949 we have been proud to put our heart and soul into our craft, following a very simple recipe. Start with fine ingredients, local wherever possible, add a hefty dollop of passion, and finish with extra care. Our customers love the results, and we continue to bake traditional pasties, pastries and sweet treats for everyone — the REALLY, REALLY Cornish way.

Our pasties are winners of the World Pasty Championships two years in a Rowe (2019 & 2020)!

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Handmade in Cornwall


In 1949 a small shop was opened in Falmouth by Bill Rowe, a man with an unwavering passion for craft baking…over 70 years later, Rowe’s bakeries are thriving all over the South West, continuing Bill’s tradition of top quality, lovingly crafted products using local ingredients where possible, yet constantly coming up with fresh and exciting twists on the old favourites.


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